by Novelists

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We've got nothing to say,
we're just so pissed off, rotting and ephemeral.
Litteraly dying on the pavement.
But is this what we deserve ?
Oh the blood in our veins was made for this.
We're living 'till the end and when the morning comes we're screwed and sullen.

'Cause we're all living in this god damn shit
and each day we're digging deeper
to be sure that our soul will be fucking safe.

We were feeling so safe
but we can't rest away from the bustle of the outside.
All i can see ? the white of our eyes, and it's empty.
my soul is buried deep in the ground.

We are apathetics, and we belong to this fucking dirt.
(From the dust to the dust)
I think it's time for you to figure this one out.

We're broken and ruthless,
so what can get lost except the will of being expected ?
I'm a being of solitude doomed to live,
A pawn on my own chessboard.

It feels like we've got no fucking pulse,
And once more we're done.
You let us sink into this constant rejection. (rejection)
In this self made hell, all of this is vain...

Can't we just heal ?

I won't break my legs again to search what I got left,
i can't find what I have missed.

I won't brace my fucking heart again / again

We're broken and ruthless,
So what can get lost except the will of being expected.
I'm a being of solitude doomed to live,
A pawn on my own chessboard.

I've lost your voice in the distance,
Yet it's back on the stage now.
Sounds are flooding my mind, i just can't close my eyes
i'm bleeding 'till i'm dry, we're the scars of your..
your so called perfection
i'm lost in this gloom's persistence
i've broken the mirror
and those scars on my skin remember me the worst
all i've wanted was to heal in time but now i'm trapped
inside of my own chessboard


released November 24, 2013
Mix/master : Nicolas Delestrade @ NDSEstudio
( )

Artwork : Charly Teule @ CTDesigns
( )

Music video : Dissension production



all rights reserved


Novelists Paris, France

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